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Tagline UTM

The brand promise that UTM has adopted is the following:

To remain relevant and competitive in an increasingly challenging global educational landscape, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) recognizes the need for universities to focus not only on knowledge generation and application but should also contribute to socio-economic development and value-driven initiatives. This calls for UTM to engage in innovative and entrepreneurial ways in steering the university to compete more effectively in the current global environment. One of the strategies outlined under the “Global UTM 2012-2020” strategic plan is to forge strong collaboration and strategic alliances with foreign counterparts with mutual interest. UTM also aims to become more impactful and significant at the global stage.

  • Innovative: Addressing transformational changes in innovative ways to remain relevant and competitive in an increasingly challenging global environment
  • Entrepreneurial: Mindset change and strategic engagements in differentiated and meaningful ways towards value driven and high impact new academia
  • Global: Acknowledging the inevitable force of globalization and the need to strategically align and engage with global partners for mutual benefit towards achieving greater heights

Specifications :

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Type font used is Calibri.
1. All of the words used is composed of lower-case letters .
2. The font size is appropriate design .
3. The size of the symbol point / dot between words is 3 points higher than the font size used .
4. placing symbols point / node is the same level as the fall of the word .
5. Position the symbol point / node must be in the middle between the two words and punctuated with a space / distance ( spacebar ) .
6. For all correspondence as official letters , e-mails , memos, and so on , using the font color is black.