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We serves to provide professional services in the field of corporate communication to enhance the image and reputation of the university. It is responsible in managing public relations, media relations, official event management, UTMKL web management and monitoring branding of UTMKL

Corporate Events

Service Provided

  • Planning, managing and coordinating the university official ceremony
  • Planning and coordinating UTM official souvenirs
  • Assisting and providing consultation for official ceremony & protocol for all university staff and students
  • Ensuring every university main programme and ceremony being publicized at UTM website and all publicity channels

Creative Media


Offers a complete design service specializing in creative print, corporate identity, exhibition displays and promotional material. Whatever type of artwork or graphic design is required, an appointment should first be made with a member of the Graphics Team to discuss your particular requirements and agree deadlines

Photography x Videography

Provides photography and videography services. Videography is limited to video highlights only. Apart from that we also keep the compilation of photos for the University’s events

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Graphic x Photography x Videography


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We provide professional services in :


  • -Design Service Application Form
  • -Borrowing Equipment Application Form
  • -Space Rental Form Application Form